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The Legacy Continues!!!

     Handcrafting Chairs and Specializing in Custom-Made Rockers, has been a tradition of the Woody Family for Seven Generations. We are the last Woody Chair Shop owned and operated by a Woody. All chairs and wood products are handmade by Myron Woody, Max Woody's youngest son and the seventh generation. Woody Chairs are found in many homes all throughout America and several foreign countries.

     For a very long period of time, we have been passionately building rocking chairs, ladderback chairs, benches and stools in our Chair Shop located on US 70 West in Marion, NC.

      We recently added more wooden products like bar tables, cocktail tables, coffee tables, end and side tables, fire pit log benches, bar benches, wood benches and crafts like jewelry boxes, humidors, cutting boards, chalk boards, key holders and other wooden knick knacks that will bring pure delight to all wood-lovers. The list is not complete without the old time rolling pins and novelty baseball bats. Zackary, Myron's 14 year old son and the 8th generation Woody, is turning the novelty baseball bats. 

      All our Handcrafted products are made out of Native Hardwoods:

Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak and Ash.

     There are no nails, screws or glue on the main structure of our chairs. We use the Age Old Shrinkage Method using both green and air dried parts. The posts and parts are individually Hand-turned, not by automatic machines or with the use of templates. Our Finish is Hand-rubbed oil that accentuates the grain, showing the natural and unique beauty and characteristics of the wood. Hand-woven fiber rush seats add charm and comfort to the chair. Ivee, Myron's wife, is weaving the seats.

     Unlike most of the imported and factory machine made furniture, our handcrafted products are meticulously built to last many lifetimes. They can be passed as a "Family Heirloom" from one generation to future generations.

     This is a family tradition that started in the 1800's. As the 7th generation, we take pride and joy in continuing the legacy of handcrafting 100% American Handmade wood products, here in North Carolina.

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